Pathankot vidhansabha election result 2017,check booth wise result,live update and winner MLA candidate

By | March 11, 2017

Pathankot vidhansabha election result 2017,booth wise live update and winner MLA candidate:- people of Punjab can check here booth wise Pathankot legislative assembly election 2017 result and live update here. Election commission of India will start vote counting process at 8.00AM. So you are able to check here live vote counting update and booth wise candidate (AAP, BJP, SAD, congress, Akali dal) vote of Pathankot vidhansabha election result 2017. If you are a citizen of Punjab and looking for Pathankot assembly election 2017 result and live update, then you can check it here. We will also upload here Sujanpur vidhansabha election 2017 result, winner MLA candidate and live update. Bhoa vidhansabha election 2017 result, winner candidate list and live updates. Party wise result analysis and candidate wise result analysis are published here.  You can check here latest news update of Pathankot vidhansabha election result 2017 very firstly.

Punjab vidhansabha election 2017 result-live update

Punjab assembly election 2017 winner MLA candidate list

Sujanpur legislative assembly, Bhoa legislative assembly and Pathankot legislative assembly constituencies are situated in Pathankot district in Punjab. Result declaration date for Pathankot vidhansabha, Bhoa vidhansabha and Sujanpur vidhansabha is 11th march, 2017. State election commission of Punjab and ECI will start vite counting process at 800 hours. And we will upload here live update of Bhoa, Sujanpur and Pathankot vidhansabha election result 2017.

Pathankot vidhansabha election result

Booth wise Pathankot vidhansabha election result 2017, live update and winner MLA candidate:-

Pathankot is 3 number vidhansabha constituency of Punjab legislative assembly. Election commission of India says that there are total 1,30,391 registered voter. It comprises 68,013 male and 62,378 female registered voters. So according to voters strength Pathankot assembly is a big assembly constituency.

Now we are going to discus son Pathankot vidhansabha election result 2017. Here you can check booth wise result, live vote counting updates, booth wise candidate vote and winner MLA candidate. People of Punjab also can check here Bhoa vidhansabha election 2017 result and Sujanpur assembly election 2017 result.

Result analysis of Pathankot, Bhao and sujanpur assembly election 2017:-

AC name Winner candidate vote


Runner up candidate
Pathankot  AMIT CONGRESS    56383/45213  ASHWANI KUMAR BJP
Sujanpur  DINESH SINGH    48910/30209  AMIT SINGH

 Pathankot assembly election 2017 result-booth wise live result:-

Candidate Party Votes
AMIT Indian National Congress 56383
ASHWANI KUMAR Bharatiya Janata Party 45213
RAJ KUMAR Aam Aadmi Party 6036
ASHOK SHARMA Independent 703
ANKUR KHAJURIA Bahujan Samaj Party 470
SAT PAL Shivsena 352
RAMAN PAL Independent 277
SUNITA DEVI Aapna Punjab Party 185
RAVI KUMAR Hindustan Utthan Party 176
KIRAN BALA Hindustan Shakti Sena 151
None of the Above None of the Above 907

Comparison with Pathankot vidhansabha election result 2012:-

party Candidate Vote Vote share


BJP Ashwani Kumar Sharma 42,218 44.56
INC Raman Bhalla 24,362 25.71
Independent Ashok Sharma 23,713 25.03
PPoP Dr. Jaspal Singh Bhinder 1294 1.37
BSP Sansar Chand 1129 1.19
Independent Munisha 712 0.75
Shiv Sena Amit Aggarwal 635 0.67
Independent Shashi Bala 292 0.31
Independent Kartar Singh Khalsa 208 0.22
NCP Sudesh 179 0.19

According to Pathankot vidhansabha election 2012 result ,major political party was BJP in Pathankot. BJP’s Ashwani Kumar Sharma got 42,218 votes and became MLA. Runner candidate was Raman Bhalla from congress. Raman Bhalla got 24,362 votes in Pathankot vidhansabha election 2012.

Sitting MLA and previous MLA list of Pathankot:-

Winner Party Votes
Ashwani Kumar Sharma BJP 42218
Master Mohan Lal BJP 43717
Ashok Sharma INC 45073
Mohan Lal BJP 35384
Raman Kumar INC 32130
Mohan Lal BJP 34793
Ram Sarup INC(I) 22633
Om Parkash Bhardwaj JNP 22820
Ram Singh INC 26304
Ram Singh INC 18681
C. Ram BJS 18142
Bhagirath Lal INC 19222
Bhagirath Lal INC 13215
Kesho Dass IND 18866

Winner MLA candidate and live update of Pathankot vidhansabha election result 2017:-

Pathankot assembly election 2017 result has uploaded here. Here you can check complete result analysis of Pathankot vidhansabha election 2017, Bhoa vidhansabha election 2017 and sujanpur vidhansabha election 2017 winner candidate MLA and live update. You can discuss with our blog reader related to Pathankot vidhansabha election result 2017. For discussing with us you need to leave a comment in below box.

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