Nanded Waghala NWCMC election 2019-ward wise live result, winner candidates and mayor

By | February 27, 2019

Nanded Waghala NWCMC election 2019 result and exit poll:-Municipal corporation of Nanded Waghala is ready for mahanagar palika election 2019. Citizens are talking about opinion poll, ward wise candidates and expected NWCMC election result 2019. State election commission of Maharashtra has announced election schedule for Nanded Waghala mahanagar palika election 2019. According to Maharashtra election commission, election date is October. Nanded Waghala mahanagar palika result will be declared on Oct, 2019. If you are looking for Nanded Waghala NWCMC election 2019‘s current updates, then we are with here. We are going to share every single news update of NWCMC civic polls 2019. Many political parties are contesting in NWCMC polls 2019. They are BJP, Congress, Shiv sena, Maharashtra nav nirman sen, NCP and many more. You can check here party wise candidate’s details, who is participate in this election.

NWCMC election 2019 result will be declare on October, 2019. You can check here ward wise result, seat wise winner candidate and full report on nanded waghala civic polls result 2019.

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We are going to share here:-

  • Election schedule of NWCMC election 2019.
  • NWCMC election opinion poll 2019.
  • BJP, Congress, Shiv sena, MNS, NCP candidates.
  • NWCMC election 2019 result.
  • Polling percentage on Election Day.

Maharashtra- Nanded Waghala NWCMC election 2019 opinion poll|result|candidate list|election dates|voting percentage

Nanded Waghala municipal election 2019 result live updates:-

till now-

  • Congress- 69.
  • BJP-6.
  • Shiv sena-1.

01.50 PM- according to source Congress is leading on 47 seats.

01.40 PM- Meeting of BJP state working committee has begun in kanpur.

01.20 PM- Congress has so far won 22 seats.

MP kriti somya from BJP “if shiv sena doesnot get rid of their arrogance they they will be reduced to 83 seats and BJP will have 54 seats in BMC”.

01.00PM- congress is leading on 39 seats and BJP is leading on 01 seat.

12.45 PM- Congress is leading on 34 seats, BJP- 02.

Ward 14- Farhat sultana, begum shabana naser, abdul latif, nagesh kukulwa from congress have won the election.

12.30 PM- congress is ahead on 31 seats.

in Hyderbagh ward no.11 all congress candidates have won the election. these are Sher Ali, masood Khan, Asiya Habib and raziya babu.

In Bhagyanagar ward-5, farooque ali khan (congress), mahender pimpde (congress), jayshree pawde (congress) and Aparna narelkar (congress).

11.45 AM- according to sources congress is leading on 23 seats. BJP is leading on 01 seat in Nanded waghala NWCMC election result 2019.

11.00 AM- Congress is leading on 18 seats. BJP is ahead on 2 seats.

10.50 AM- congress is leading on 17 seats and BJP is leading on 08 seats.

10.45 AM- after first round-

  • congress is leading on 10 seats.
  • BJP is leading on 08 seats.
  • AIMIM and shiv sena is respectively leading on 2 seats.

10.30 AM- according to source, first round of counting shows that congress is leading on 10 seats and BJP is leading on 08 seats.

10.00 AM- Election party has started vote counting for all 81 seats.

8.00 am- vote counting for Nanded municipal election 2019 is going to start very soon.

Both major political parties are contesting on 81 seats.

NCP is contesting 57 seats.

Shiv sena is contesting on 76 seats.

AIMIM and BSP are together contesting on 49 seats.

NWCMC election result 2019:-

Maharashtra election commission will announce result on October for Nanded Waghala NWCMC election 2019. If you are searching for news updates related to NWCMC result 2019, then you can revisit us. We will update here live vote counting updates, vote share and live result.

Nanded Waghala municipal corporation election result 2012:-

S.No. Party Seats (2012)
1 Congress 41
2 Shiv sena 14
3 AIMIM 11
4 NCP 10
5 BJP 2
6 Other 2
7 Independents 1

NWCMC election schedule 2019:-

  • Nomination form starts from- September, 2019.
  • Last date to submit nomination form- September, 2019.
  • Form checking and election symbol allotted on- September, 2019.
  • Election date-October, 2019.
  • Time- 30 A.M.- 5.30 P.M.
  • NWCMC Result declares on- October, 2019.

It means, election mood is on for Nanded Waghala mahanagar palika’s citizen. Candidates can submit their nomination form from September to September. Please mind it, that last date is September, 2019 for submit nomination form. Election symbol for Nanded Waghala NWCMC election 2019 will be allotted on September. And the very important, election date is October. If you are going to participate in Nanded Waghala municipal election 2019, then you should cast your vote before 5.30 P.M. last and very important event of Nanded Waghala municipal election is result announcement day. Election commission will start vote counting in morning and announce NWCMC election result 2019 by evening on October.

Search your name in Nanded Waghala voter list 2019.

Ward wise NWCMC election 2019 candidate list (BJP, NCP, Shiv sena, NCP, Congress etc.:-

Shiv sena candidate, BJP candidate, Congress candidate, Maharashtra nav nirman sena candidate, NCP candidate, independent candidates and other political party’s candidates are going to fill nomination form. Nanded Waghala mahanagar palika election 2019 is very important task for every national and local party. Political parties are working hard for announce their candidate for Nanded Waghala NWCMC election 2019. Bhartiya janta party, MNS, Congress, Shiv sena and NCP are major political party in this event. September, 2019 is last date to submit candidature for NWCMC election. After the nomination forms submit process, we will upload here updated candidate list for Nanded Waghala mahanagar chunav 2019. You are able to check here ward wise candidate list for NWCMC polls 2019.

Nanded Waghala NWCMC election 2019 opinion poll:-

NWCMC civic poll 2019 is very important for every political party. Because of Maharashtra vidhansabha election 2018, it is important that you win most of municipal corporations. BJP, Indian nation congress, NCP, Shiv sena and MNS are playing major roll in political drama in Maharashtra. BJP is in strong condition in Maharashtra. So it will try to its best to win Nanded Waghala NWCMC election 2019. Other political party will also try their best for good result. It is not clear that who will win NWCMC election 2019. And no one can say it very clearly. if you have any idea on Nanded Waghala municipal election result 2019, then you can share with our readers. And you can also take part in our opinion poll survey for NWCMC election 2019.

Nanded Waghala mahanagar palika election 2019 (नांदेड वघाला शहर महानगर पालिका सार्वत्रिक निवडनूक 2019):-

So Maharashtra’s Nanded Waghala city municipal corporation is busy with election events. Nanded Waghala NWCMC election 2019 is going to hold on October, 2019 is vote poll date. And NWCMC election result will be announced on October. So stay connected with us for more news and updates related to Nanded Waghala mahanagar palika election 2019. Voter list services for Nanded Waghala election is also available. You can take part in our NWCMC election opinion poll 2019 and share your opinion with us. if you have any idea, then you can share in below comment box.

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