Himachal vidhansabha election 2019 pre-result opinion poll and next CM of HP

By | February 25, 2019

Himachal pradesh vidhansabha election 2019- we are here with complete analysis and news updates of Himachal pradesh legislative assembly election 2019. Our “Himachal vidhansabha election 2019 report” is based on election updates, opinion poll survey, exit poll prediction, previous result analysis, election schedule and candidate list. Election commission of India has announced election schedule for Himachal generalelection 2019. Polling date for himachal pradesh vidhansabha election is November, 2019. And result will be announced on December, 2019. official notification and nomination form for candidature are available here. There are total 68 seats in Himachal pradesh legislative assembly.  It is expected that AAP can also declare candidate list for HP election 2019. For every election, exit poll prediction and opinion poll survey play an important role. So we are here with latest opinion poll of Himachal vidhansabha election 2019. Congress and BJP has announced candidates for Himachal vidhansabha election 2019.

Himachal vidhansabha election 2019

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If you are a citizen of Himachal pradesh, and looking for latest news, then you are on right platform. Bhartiya janta party and Indian national congress are major political parties in Himachal, who are ruling one by one in HP. Both parties are very busy now days in campaign, road shows and rally. BJP and congress are also working hard in candidate list direction. Because of candidate list is also a big factor in any election.

If we analysis previous result of Himachal vidhansabha election, then we find something interesting. It seems like a pattern. Pattern like congress then BJP, again congress then BJP. And it is very interesting factor. We don’t know who will win Himachal pradesh vidhansabha lection 2019?, but we cannot ignore above pattern completely. Let’s check, 2012- congress (36 seats), 2007- BJP (41 seats), 2003- congress (43 seats) and 1998 BJP (31 seats). A complete analysis of HP vidhansabha election result (previous) available in this post. So you can check full details there and make some opinion on Himachal vidhansabha election 2019.

Himachal vidhansabha election 2019-schedule, exit poll prediction and result analysis

State election commission of Himachal pradesh is responsible body for conduct legislative assembly election in Himachal on 68 seats. And it will declare very soon detailed notification of HP election 2019. Now we talk about people of Himachal, their opinion, political parties and mood of voters. Himachal pradesh vidhansabha election 2019 is “Do and Die” condition for both major political parties. And they are doing good in field. So let’s start our discussion and try to make perfect opinion on Himachal vidhansabha election.

Download Himachal voter list 2019 in PDF and check name in electoral roll.

Who will win the Himachal vidhansabha election 2019?

take part in our pre-result opinion poll for Himachal vidhansabha election 2019.

Who will win Himachal pradesh vidhansabha election 2017?

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Next CM of Himachal?

हिमाचल प्रदेश का अगला मुख्यमंत्री कौन बनेगा?

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HP vidhansabha election 2019 (all about it):-

  • 18 to 19 Year Youth votes in Himachal vidhansabha election 2019 – 33,287.
  • New Votes in HP election 2019 – 88,166.
  • Population of State – 70 Lakh.
  • Total Voters – 48,11,756.
  • Male Voters – 24,58,881.
  • Female Voters – 23,52,875.
  • Election Commission Toll Free Number – 1950.
  • Maximum Voters – Sulah vidhansabha (90320 Voters).
  • Minimum Voters – Lahaul and Spiti vidhansabha (22686 Voters).

(Source- Amar Ujala, Himachal Pradesh)

Election schedule for Himachal vidhansabha election 2019:-

As we know that, it is duty of SEC Himachal (state election commission). And it is busy in preparing election schedule. And election commission will declare it as notification of Himachal vidhansabha election 2019.

  • Date of notification:-2019.
  • Last date of making nomination:- 2019.
  • Scrutiny of nomination:- 2019.
  • Withdrawal of candidature:- 2019.
  • Polling date:- 2019.
  • Vote counting date:- 2019.
  • Date of completion:- 2019.

Election commission of India has announced complete schedule for himachal vidhansabha election 2019. official notification of Himachal election is available here and eci.nic.in website. candidates can submit there nomination form before last date. because October, 2019 is last date for making nomination. Vote polling date is November, 2019. And himachal vidhansabha election result 2019 will be announced on December, 2019.

Himachal vidhansabha election 2019 opinion poll:-

Opinion poll or we also know it as exit poll, an important thing to do in every election. Many news agencies, private agencies and also political parties are organized opinion poll survey. Because, an honest opinion poll survey result speaks too much. On the basis of exit poll or opinion poll result, parties decide their strategy for election campaign and improve in it. CNN, IBN, India today, AAJ TAK, NDTV, RSS and many other agencies are conducting opinion poll survey in himachal pradesh. And they are going to declare Himachal pradesh exit poll result very soon.

India Today-Axix group opinion poll for Himachal vidhan sabha election 2019:-

An updated opinion poll survey result published by India today and Axix group. India today has published it on October, 2019. according to this opinion poll BJP is going to win 43-47 seats and congress is going to win 21-25 seats. Axix and India today think taht others will win only 0-2 seats in Himachal pradesh general election 2019.

Our team is also running an opinion poll survey for Himachal vidhansabha election 2019. And it is 100% organic. No one can change in the original data. Because in our opinion poll, data will be live any time. Anyone can take part in our Himachal exit poll and check poll result instantly.

Who will win Himachal pradesh vidhansabha election 2017?

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You can share your opinion vidhansabha wise in comment area.

आप हिमाचल प्रदेश विधानसभा चुनाव के ओपिनियन पोल में हिस्सा ले सकते है| ऊपर दिए गए box में अपना वोट दीजिये| आप अपने विधानसभा का नाम और आपके हिसाब से जितने वाले उम्मीदवार का नाम निचे दिए गए comment box में भी डाल सकते है| जिसे यहाँ प्रकाशित कर दिया जायेगा|

latest news update of Himachal election 2019:-

BJP and HILOPA join hands for Himachal vidhansabha election 2019- it is the latest news from Himachal pradesh legislative assembly election 2019 battle ground. In Kullu, Himachal Lokhit party (HILOPA) has joined Bhartiya janta party officially. It is a bad news for congress. HILOPA party chief Maheshwar singh and other 70 party members has joined BJP in this grand ceremony.

News Paper updates:-

Himachal vidhansabha election 2019

himachal vidhansabha election news updates

voters and seat matrix for Himachal pradesh vidhansabha election 2019:-

vidhansabha wise total voters and seat matrix for Himachal vidhansabha election 2019 available here.

Vidhansabha constituency serial number name of Vidhansabha constituency Seat reserved for Total voters

(according to 2012 election)

1 Churah SC 59,909
2 Bharmour ST 62,584
3 Chamba None 66,983
4 Dalhousie None 58,803
5 Bhattiyat None 63,719
6 Nurpur None 73,605
7 Indora SC 73,046
8 Fatehpur None 71,362
9 Jawali None 80,230
10 Dehra None 69,138
11 Jaswan-Pragpur None 66,693
12 Jawalamukhi None 63,906
13 Jaisinghpur SC 71,973
14 Sullah None 87,091
15 Nagrota None 73,578
16 Kangra None 66,763
17 Shahpur None 71,430
18 Dharamshala None 62,727
19 Palampur None 62,593
20 Baijnath SC 73,168
21 Lahaul and Spiti ST 22,077
22 Manali None 59,876
23 Kullu None 72,473
24 Banjar None 60,076
25 Anni SC 70,338
26 Karsog SC 60,000
27 Sundernagar None 66,482
28 Nachan SC 69,782
29 Seraj None 67,549
30 Darang None 71,977
31 Jogindernagar None 83,449


None 67,430
33 Mandi None 63,727
34 Balh SC 64,741
35 Sarkaghat None 75,777
36 Bhoranj SC 70,601
37 Sujanpur None 64,208
38 Hamirpur None 65,202
39 Barsar None 74,950
40 Nadaun None 79,759
41 Chintpurni SC 70,998
42 Gagret None 68,803
43 Haroli None 70,192
44 Una None 69,527
45 Kutlehar None 71,008
46 Jhanduta SC 65,435
47 Ghumarwin None 73,614
48 Bilaspur None 70,587
49 Sri Naina Devi ji None 60,521
50 Arki None 75,692
51 Nalagarh None 73,888
52 Doon None 52,466
53 Solan SC 70,764
54 Kasauli SC 56,296
55 Pachhad SC 61,605
56 Nahan None 65,821
57 Sri Renukaji SC 57,058
58 Paonta Sahib None 63,743
59 Shillai None 56,307
60 Chopal None 64,056
61 Theog None 72,997
62 Kasumpti None 56,991
63 Shimla None 48,263
64 Shimla Rural None 66,858
65 Jubbal-Kotkhai None 61,657
66 Rampur SC 65,088
67 Rohru SC 63,603
68 Kinnaur ST 50,076

Himachal vidhansabha election candidate list:-

Bhartiya janta party and Indian national congress are major name in Himachal politics. And both parties are doing hard work on ground level to ensure victory in Himachal vidhansabha election 2019. Other local parties are also contesting election. But they cannot do something big. It means there are only two fighters in ground. First is BJP and second is congress. Those parties are also preparing candidate list for HP election 2019. And very soon, they will announce their candidate for every vidhansabha. And we will publish complete candidate list of BJP and congress for Himachal election 2019 very firstly here.

Congress candidates for Himachal vidhan sabha election 2019.

BJP candidates list for Himachal assembly election 2019. 

Previous year result analysis of Himachal vidhansabha election:-

All the first check assembly wise result. if you have any opinion, then share it with us.

2014 by election-

Bhartiya janta party- 01.

Indian national congress-0.

Himachal lokhit party-0


2012 vidhansabha election result-

Bhartiya janta party-26.

Indian national congress-36.

Himachal lokhit party-01


2007 vidhansabha result-

Bhartiya janta party-41.

Indian national congress-23.

Bahujan samaj party-01.


2003 vidhansabha election-

Bhartiya janta party-16.

Indian national congress- 43.

LMPH- 01

Lok jan shakti party-01.

Himachal vikas congress-01


1998 vidhansabha election-

Bhartiya janta party-31.

Indian national congress-31.

Himachal vikash congress-05


1993 vidhansabha election-

Bhartiya janta party-08.

Indian national congress-52.



1990 vidhansabha election-

Bhartiya janta party-46.

Indian national congress-09.

Janta dal- 11.


1985 vidhansabha result-

Bhartiya janta party-07.

Indian national congress-58.

Lok dal- 01.


1982 vidhansabha result:-

Bhartiya janta party-29.

Indian national congress-31.

Janta party- 02.


1977 vidhansabha result:-

Indian national congress-09.

Janta party-53.


1972 vidhansabha result:-

Indian national congress- 53.

Bhartiya jan sangh- 05.

CPM- 01.

Lok raj party- 02.

Independent- 07.

1967 vidhansabha result-

Bhartiya jan sangh- 07.

CPI- 02.

Indian national congress- 34.

Swantatra party- 01.

Independent- 16.

 1951 vidhansabha result:-

Indian national congress- 24.


SCF- 01.

Independent- 08.

This is the major data of previous legislative assembly election of Himachal pradesh. When we analyze the data, we find something pattern type. Pattern means one time BJP and one time congress. Like Rajasthan vidhansabha election result, HP vidhansabha is also following such type pattern. We are not completely saying that “one time BJP and one time congress”. But there is something like this. Himachal pradesh vidhansabha election result 2019 is not confirmed and no one can make any opinion with 100% accuracy. Then let’s see what will happen in upcoming month. If you have any thoughts or opinion on Himachal vidhansabha election result, then you can share with our readers.

Chief Ministers of himachal pradesh:-

  • 1952 HP vidhansabha election – Congress – Y.S. Parmar.
  • 1957 HP vidhansabha election – Territorial council.
  • 1962 HP vidhansabha election – Congress – Y.S. Parmar.
  • 1967 HP vidhansabha election – Congress – Y.S. Parmar.
  • 1972 HP vidhansabha election – Congress – Y.S. Parmar.
  • 1977 HP vidhansabha election – Janta Party – Shanta Kumar.
  • 1982 HP vidhansabha election – Congress – Ram Lal Thakur / Virbhadra Singh.
  • 1985 HP vidhansabha election – Congress – Virbhadra Singh.
  • 1990 HP vidhansabha election – BJP – Shanta Kumar.
  • 1993 HP vidhansabha election – Congress – Virbhadra Singh.
  • 1998 HP vidhansabha election – BJP – Prem Kumar Dhumal.
  • 2003 HP vidhansabha election – Congress – Virbhadra Singh.
  • 2007 HP vidhansabha election – BJP – Prem Kumar Dhumal.
  • 2012 HP vidhansabha election – Congress – Virbhadra Singh.

HP vidhansabha election 2019:-

People of Himachal pradesh are ready to face upcoming vidhansabha election. They are not only ready but also waiting so angrily. Because of, an election event gives the opportunity of elect government for upcoming five years. So it is very important time for every citizen and voter of HP. Election commission of Himachal is ready with notification. And with declaring notification, it declares election schedule and dates. Other important thinks like Himachal vidhansabha election exit poll, opinion poll survey, result and news updates are available here. So keep visiting with us and don’t forget share your opinion on Himachal pradesh assembly election 2019.

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