Gujarat exit poll 2017 for vidhansabha election, updated opinion poll as on 25th October, 2017

By | October 25, 2017

Gujarat exit poll 2017 prediction and opinion poll result:- Updated opinion poll result for Gujarat general election 2017 has been published by India today-Axix group. Gujarat is ready for assembly election 2017. Election commission of India and chief electoral officer has completed their pre-election work for Gujarat vidhan sabha election 2017. Everybody in Gujarat is talking about Gujarat exit poll 2017 election. Many news agencies are declaring their Gujarat opinion poll 2017 result. According to India trending now exit poll BJP will be first party with 51.8% vote share. And 2nd party will be congress with 26.3% vote share. So India trending now opinion poll says that ”BJP will frame government according to Gujarat exit poll 2017. There are another news agency VDP associates. VDP associates has declare has Gujarat election 2017 opinion poll. According to VDP associates BJP will be first party and congress will be second party.

Gujarat exit poll 2017

So according to many news agencies’ Gujarat exit poll 2017 assembly election “BJP will frame government for Gujarat legislative assembly. Congress will be second party. There are no space for Aam aadmi party for Gujarat assembly election according to Gujarat opinion poll 2017. Now we will discuss on Gujarat opinion poll for assembly election 2017.

Gujarat exit poll 2017 prediction and opinion poll by different news agencies:-

Now we are talking about Gujarat opinion poll and survey result 2017. Here we are publishing news agency wise Gujarat assembly election 2017 exit poll and survey result.  Now you can read detailed report regarding Gujarat exit poll 2017.

Who will win Gujarat vidhansabha election 2017?

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Latest opinion poll by India today-Axix group:-

India today and Axix group has released their opinion poll survey result based on Gujarat vidhan sabha election 2017. according to it bhartiya janta party is going to win 115-125  seats and congress is going to win 57-65 seats. India today is here with updated exit poll of Gujarat general election 2017 on 25th October, 2017. 

facts of India today’s Gujarat exit poll 2017:-

  • sample- 18243.
  • 48% voters said that they would vote for BJP.
  • 38% voters said that they would vote for congress.

gujarat exit poll 2017 by India today

VDP Associates  opinion poll for Gujarat vidhan sabha election 2017:-

Political party Vote share
BJP 47%
INC 40%
AAP 2%
Others 4%
Can not say 7%


VDPAssociates has declare his Gujarat opinion poll 2017 result. according to its exit poll result Bhartiya janta party is slightly better position than Indian national congress. BJP will get 47% vote share and congress will gate 40% vote share. AAm aadmi party will get only 2% vote share according to CDPAssociates Gujarat exit poll 2017.

Opinion poll result by RSS internal survey:-

RSS conducted an internal survey for Gujarat assembly election 2017. RSS will declare Gujarat election 2017 exit poll result in august 2016. And according to RSS opinion poll result BJP will gate 60 to 65 seats out of 182. RSS’s Gujarat exit poll result is disappointing for  BJP.

India trending now exit poll 2017 for Gujarat assembly election:-

Political party Vote share
BJP 51.8%
Congress 26.3%
AAP 9.9%
Others 2%
Can not say 10%


India Trending Now is famous opinion poll agency in India.  India Trending Now has published his Gujarat opinion poll 2017 result in October 2016 month. According to India Trending Now exit poll BJP will gate 51.8% vote share. And become most powerful party in Gujarat after assembly election result 2017. Congress will become 2nd position party with around 27% vote share.

Gujarat opinion poll 2017 by Gujarat state unit of Congress:-

Gujarat state unit of congress conducted an internal exit poll survey for Gujarat vidhan sabha election 2017. According to Gujarat state unit of Congress survey BJP may win 97 out of 182 seats.

 Updated opinion poll and survey result for Gujarat vidhan sabha election:-

we have discussed about Gujarat opinion poll 2017 and survey result. according to different news agencies BJP may win Gujarat assembly election 2017. if you have any idea or your own opinion poll on Gujarat exit poll 2017, then you can share your idea with us.

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