Anantnag (Jammu Kashmir) by election result 2017, winner candidate list and booth wise result of Anantnag by loksabha election

By | March 26, 2017

Booth wise Anantnag general election result (loksabha by election 2017):- Anantnag is a parliamentary constituency (loksabha constituency) in Jammu Kashmir. Election commission of India has announced election date for Anantnag by election 2017. It is 12th April, 2017. Citizen of Anantnag (jammu Kashmir) are looking for booth wise result of Anantnag by loksabha election 2017 and winner candidate name. Result declaration date is 15th April, 2017. And we are going to update booth wise Anantnag by election result 2017, live updates and live vote counting result of Anantnag general election result 2017. Here you can check live updates, live result, booth wise result, winner candidate name and party wise result of Jammu Kashmir by election 2017. Major political part in Anantnag loksabha are jammu Kashmir people democratic party (PDP), Jammu Kashmir national conference (JKN) and BJP. You can check PDP candidate, JKN candidate and BJP candidate voter share.

Anantnag general election result,check booth wise anantnag by election result 2017

Download Anantnag voter list 2017 and search name in voter list click here.

Live result and updates of Anantnag by election 2017-Anantnag general election result and winner candidate:-

Party Candidate name Vote

Srinagar By election 2017 result

Anantnag general election result 2014:-

Party Candidate Vote Vote share ±
PDP Mehbooba Mufti 2,00,429 53.41 +8.51
JKN Mirza Mehboob Beg 1,35,012 35.38 -10.52
BJP Mushtaq Ahmad Malik 4,720 1.26 +0.03
NOTA None of the Above 5,936 1.58

According to Anantnag loksabha election 2014 result, PDP was the major party, PDP’s Mehbooba Mufti got 200429 vote. It was 53.41% of total vote poll. 2nd number candidate was JKN’s Mirza Mahboob beg. Who got 135012 votes in Anantnag loksabha election 2014. There was a major factor in Anantnag loksabha election 2017. It was that there were total 5936 NOTA vote according to Anantnag general election result 2014. It was bigger than BJP candidates vote.

Anantnag loksabha election 2009 result:-

Party Candidate Vote Vote share ±
JKN Mirza Mehboob Beg 148,317 46.53% +22.90%
PDP Peer Mohammad Hussain 143,093 44.90% -4.65%
BJP Mohammad Sidiq Khan 3,918 1.23% -1.99%

JKN was biggest party in Anantnag loksabha election 2017. JKN’s Mirza mehboob Beg got 148,317 votes. It was 46.35% according to Anantnag general election result 2009. PDP was on second position with 143093 votes.

Anantnag general election result 2004:-

Party Candidate Vote %
PDP Mehbooba Mufti 74,436 49.55
JKN Dr. Mehboob Beg 35,498 23.63
CPI(M) Mohamad Yusuf Tarigami 18,466 12.29
BJP Sofi Mohf. Yousuf 4,836 3.22
Independent Imtiyaz Ahmad Rather 2,827 1.88
Independent Ab. Majeed Naikoo 2,760 1.84
Independent Mohd. Maqbool Dar 2,691 1.79
LJP Sanjay Saraf 1,595 1.06
Independent Gh. Rasool 1,586 1.06
Forward Bloc Hamidullah Wani 1,504 1.00
Independent Gh. Mohi-ud-din Dar 1,278 0.85
RLD Mohd. Yousuf Qurashi 1,115 0.74
Samata Party Gh. Mohd. Tantary 864 0.58
Independent Ramesh Kumar Bhat 763 0.51

Member of Parliament list of Anantnag loksabha:-

Year MP Party
1967 Mohammad Shafi Qureshi Indian National Congress
1971 Mohammad Shafi Qureshi Indian National Congress
1977 Mohammad Shafi Qureshi Indian National Congress
1980 Ghulam Rasool Kochak Jammu & Kashmir National Conference
1984 Begum Akbar Jahan Abdullah Jammu & Kashmir National Conference
1989 P. L. Handoo Jammu & Kashmir National Conference
1996 Mohammad Maqbool Janata Dal
1998 Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Indian National Congress
1999 Ali Mohammed Naik Jammu & Kashmir National Conference
2004 Mehbooba Mufti Jammu and Kashmir People’s Democratic Party
2009 Mirza Mehboob Beg Jammu & Kashmir National Conference
2014 Mehbooba Mufti Jammu & Kashmir People’s Democratic Party

Anantnag by election 2017 result (parliamentary constituency):-

Jammu Kashmir is ready for by election 2017. There are total two parliamentary constituency, where by election is going to be hold. 1st is Srinagar and 2nd is Anantnag. Here you can check Anantnag by election result 2017 and Srinagar by election result 2017.

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